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Sessions @ The Den

We have recently updated our online booking system and now offer two types of booking.

Ad-Hoc Booking - £10.00 per session

For parents/carers who require occasional childcare and/or require different sessions each week.

These sessions can be cancelled with a credit note provided if parents/carers cancel online giving a minimum of 48 hours notice.

There is also a sibling discount of 5% for two siblings, 10% for three siblings and 15% for four or more siblings.

Full Term Booking - £9.00 per session

For parents/carers who require regular, guaranteed childcare each week.

These sessions are for the full term and are at a discounted rate.

These sessions are non-refundable.

Both sessions are for after school childcar e until 6pm and the price includes a healthy snack - including various fresh and dried fruits. A light meal is also offered to all children at approximately 5pm. Fresh drinking water and squash are always available. 

Register With Us

Whether or not you require regular childcare or just a one-off when you are running late back from a shopping trip Register With Us.

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