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Why Choose The Den?

We offer families the childcare they require and wherever possible we will try to tailor your childcare to suit your individual needs.

The Den Out Of School Club is managed and run by staff who REALLY care about your child's experience with us and who will do their best to ensure every child has fun and is happy.

We offer a light tea that is provided each evening to children at 5pm. (We find parents who pick up later than 5pm often find getting home and preparing meals a big headache, especially for younger children or for those children who attend clubs in the evening.)

The Den Out Of School Club provides healthy snacks - including various fresh and dried fruits as well as high juice and water.

The Den Out Of School Club now provides childcare to children from 4 years. This means sibling groups within the schools are cared for together after the school day.

We (currently) collect from different schools. Children have the opportunity to mix with other children not just those they attend school with.

The Den Out Of School Club is OFSTED Registered to provide after school childcare so you can use various employer supported childcare vouchers as well as tax free childcare to pay for childcare.

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