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Important Information - Please Read


All sessions must be booked online in advance in order ensure we meet the staff:child ratios and can offer optimum safety to all children.

You can book online in advance up to the end of the academic year. You can also book a session up to 2pm on the day (subject to availability).

If your child(ren) are not at school on a day when they are booked into The Den please let us know.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Children need to be collected by 6pm.

Delays in collecting children will result in parents/carers being charged. The charge is in place to cover staffing and hall hire charges.

When collecting your child from The Den they must be signed out on the register. Only authorised persons may collect your child. In the event of an emergency please contact us to make arrangements. Please provide a password when you register your child(ren) so we can ensure the safe collection of your child by a person not known to us.

Out & About

For safety reasons children will wear high visibility tabards when out and about with The Den. The tabards are a way of easily identifying children in our care as well as being more visible to other persons and traffic.


If for any reason you do not want your child to eat whilst at The Den please let a member of staff know. Please also ensure your child knows they are not eating and understands the reason why you do not want them to eat.

If your child has any dietry requiements please ensure you record these in the relevant part of the child registration form. Where possible we will try to accomadate your requirements or ask you to provide a suitable alternative so that your child can still be involved at meal times.

And Finally...

Bags - We will collect a number of children from school. Children need a bag in which they can carry all their belongings in order to ensure letters, homework, lunch boxes and water bottles are kept together safely.

Names- Please put your child's name on ALL their belongings.

Tablets, Mobile Phones, Expensive Gadgets, Etc - Please do not bring these items to The Den. Firstly we cannot accept responsability for items brought by children that get damaged, lost or stolen. Secondly many of these items access the internet and use photography and we cannot guarantee the safe usage of these items. Children who bring such items will be asked to keep them in their coat or bag in the cloak area. If you need to contact your child whilst they are at The Den you can do so via the club telephone.

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